Murphy Law, P.A., understands that a personal injury claim completely disrupts your personal, mental, family and professional life.  It is essential that you have an experienced law firm fighting to protect you as quickly as possible.  Our experienced legal guidance assures that our clients will receive the care they need to reach maximum medical improvement as quickly as possible while receiving fair and just compensation for all injuries and damages suffered as the result of another party’s negligence.

It is important that you know all of your legal options from the beginning.  We take the time to carefully consider every aspect of your case and meticulously review all of the facts.  It is our goal to make certain that you are compensated for your present damages and to make sure you receive adequate compensation for any potential future expenses or damages.

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If you suffer a personal injury it is very important that your rights be protected from the very beginning. The insurance companies have an army of experienced attorneys, adjusters, medical professionals, private investigators and others whose only goal is to protect the insurance company and protect the person that hurt you. With over 40 years of experience in the personal injury field, we are prepared to protect you from this army.

From the time you are injured you will be faced with medical expenses, loss of wages, mental anguish, financial difficulties, and a disruption of your personal and family life. Murphy Law, P.A., will make certain that you are fully compensated for all of these damages.

From the beginning, it is vital to receive consistent medical care for your injuries and to keep a documented history of every detail relating to the injury and the related problems caused.  From the intake records at the emergency room or physician’s office your medical records should state the injuries were suffered in the accident.  Every physician or medical provider you see after that should be fully informed that you suffered a personal injury and all of these problems are directly related to that injury so your medical records will reflect that.  Proper documentation is essential because medical records will be closely scrutinized in the final evaluation of your claim.

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