Social Security Disability Lawyer

Often, filing a claim for Social Security benefits is a complicated and lengthy process that can benefit from the assistance of a skilled attorney. The Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Law Firm of Murphy Law, P.A., provides the experienced representation clients need to resolve Social Security issues throughout the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Coast and Ocean Springs Social Security Lawyer

We are skilled at addressing the federal government’s requirements for claims and can help get approval from the start. If you have already completed an application on your own and it has been rejected, we can file an appeal and attend an administrative hearing on your behalf. These matters are time sensitive and steps must be taken in a timely fashion to pursue a claim.

The crucial factor for a Social Security Disability case is the determination of function and your inability to work any longer. Sometimes, a Social Security claim can be pursued in addition to a Workers’ Compensation Claim.

It is always important to have a detailed history of medical records to support a claim. To substantiate evidence of a work-related Personal Injury, we will employ vocational experts if needed. We know how to properly prepare all required documentation for any claim and will guide you through every step. From our thorough legal approach, your claim will be taken seriously. We complete the paperwork so you can focus on rehabilitation and return your life back to a normal routine.

Our legal staff is devoted to your cause and will do everything possible to help you gain your rightful benefits. It is our goal to attain justice for each client seeking Social Security Disability benefits.

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