Workers’ Compensation Law

At the Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Law Firm of Murphy Law, P.A., we provide representation for clients with workers’ compensation issues on the Gulf Coast. Our legal guidance helps our clients to navigate through the legal process required to address claims.

Gulf Coast and Ocean Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are seriously injured on the job, swift action is needed to file a claim properly. The State of  Mississippi workers’ compensation program provides benefits to injured workers. Depending on the situation and its long-term implications, disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can also be pursued in a separate process.

From the beginning, it is vital to keep a documented history of every detail relating to the injury. The intake record from the first visit to the emergency room or hospital should state that the injury was suffered on the job. Proper documentation is essential because medical records will be closely scrutinized to determine the eligibility for benefits.

Help for Denied Claims in the Gulf Coast

From experience, we know initial claims can be denied even when they are valid, especially when they are filed without legal assistance. Our familiarity with insurance companies enables us to pursue claims that were previously rejected.

It is important to know your legal options from the start. We take the time to carefully consider every aspect of a case and meticulously review all facts. If it is necessary to document injuries and confirm the amount of loss resulting from the incident, we will employ vocational experts.

We are devoted to seeking the fair and full level of benefits that a client needs. It is our goal to ensure that an appropriate amount is available to cover all medical expenses, including those that will occur for future care. Besides the upfront expenses for an emergency room or hospital visit and lost wages, ongoing medical bills for physical therapy, prescriptions and other required treatments can be costly.

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