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Probate and Estate Planning

Probate and Estate Planning

We prepare powers of attorney; administer probate estates and guardianships; and help with the preparation and defense of wills.

A lawyer with expertise in probate law will not only help prove the authenticity of the will of a deceased person, but also aid in estate administration. If the decedent is survived by a spouse, the lawyer will be able to assist in estate planning for the survivor.

Estate administration and planning requires a high degree of integrity and expertise, as it involves taking possession and control of estate assets, paying the debts of the decedent, filing tax returns, taking inventory and documenting all paperwork. Murphy Law can aid in preparing power of attorneys, facilitate asset transfers, help avoid the probate of the assets, and lower the taxes for the survivor.

There are several complex legal processes in estate planning, such as altering the beneficiary designations in bank accounts, life insurance policies, and the re-titling of assets into the case of trusts. To know how we can help preserve your assets, please call us at 228-818-2889 (ATTY) or (800) 688-6590 (Toll free) or leave us a message.

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