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Worker Compensation

Worker Compensation

If you are injured on the job, we can help you with new or existing claims for medical expenses and lost wages.

Do not let the mountain of paperwork faze you when you are considering filing a workers’ compensation claim. We can take that hassle off your hands, while you focus on recovery.

In case of accidents, it is important to file claims immediately, so that that payor may do due diligence. If you are being denied your rightful compensation by your employer or insurance company, Murphy Law will step in and negotiate a fair settlement or plead your case in the court of law.

You may file a claim for medical expenses, lost wages, disability and retraining if you were:

  • Injured at a construction site, factory floor or shipyard
  • Injured due to repetitive trauma
  • Contracted an industrial disease as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Diagnosed with mental disorders secondary to injuries

We only charge you if a compensation is awarded. Please get in touch with us for a free consultation

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